Taxes & Wars

Question: "Living in a rural town with only one high school I find it hard to take specific classes or be provided with the necessary tools and resources I want because there is no money for it. What would you do to help the smaller schools with this issue?"

Yes, the purpose of the HST is being achieved.  But how is that relevant, when the purpose was to be a tax-grab, bring more power to government, and create a distraction from more significant issues?

As a small business owner, I know the HST increased my administration cost and taxes payable without any benefit.  Talking about whether it is 13% or 15%, or two taxes or one tax, distracts most people from understanding that the entire tax has evolved into something mismanaged with selective enforcement.

For example, do you want Canada to support the wars in the world?  Yet most of the taxes we pay go to things we don’t want to do.  So the more important question to ask is, “Why can’t we choose what happens with our taxes and how the money is administered?”

In a ideal system, taxes would be collected on things the government wants to discourage (like alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, pollution, environmental waste), and no taxes on things the government would want to encourage, like general commerce and trade.

Additional Information:

Press Play to watch this 4-minute excerpt that generalizes how the war machine works.

"The world is a dangerous place to live,
not because of all the people who are evil,
but because of the people who
don't do anything about it."

- Albert Einstein

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