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Question: "As of now, most high school students have very limited contact with politicians and virtually no way of voicing out their concerns. What will you do to increase communication with the average student in our high schools in order to resolve their concerns regarding the education system?"

I would do a tour of high-schools across Ontario and talk with people like you personally.  I know that education is the foundation of so much in our society, and if students are not inspired to transform the challenges of our time, then the challenges of our time will have us become extinct.

One idea is to work directly with those taking politics or world issue courses because they obviously demonstrate a passion and desire to contribute to a greater world.  Perhaps we could expand the role of the Minister of Children & Youth Services to also have a student counter-part that could be the voice of the student body working directly with a member of parliament.

As an albino (this skin condition), and being legally blind, I faced so many social and institutional challenges through our educational system.  It was frustrating trying to convince authority figures to help me.  I tried complaining, writing letters, and eventually learned how to make the system work for me.

As a government, we should provide effective platforms that leverage social media and accessible technologies for all, promoting a freer Internet, and supporting more non-profits, charities, youth organizations, and grass-root programs that serve to better our governance.

Additional Ideas!

We could help you create another political party, perhaps called, "The Youth Party of Ontario". While students cannot be signing officers (under legal age), there could be a system of simply using your parents as signing officers, or another designated adult, perhaps teacher representatives from chosen schools. We could show you how to create this party, and perhaps do most of the paperwork with you. We believe in having as many options as possible. Let's inspire the world to create similar parties around the planet!

We suggest making the feature-length documentary Oh Canada: Our Bought & Sold Out Land mandatory watching for high-school students. We can further encourage artists to create and publish their own video blogs as a modern form of activism and awakening others to their concerns and solutions.

The Ontario Youth Matter! (OYM) campaign for better youth policies is a network of community organizations calling on the Ontario government to implement a Provincial Youth Policy Framework.

We also agree with the Green Party about lowering the voting age to 16. This will give, those who choose to take it seriously, an opportunity to take responsability for our world at an earlier age. We can use--and need--the solutions of your generation.

Whether we get elected or not, we would still like to come and speak at your school. Have your student council get in contact with us.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful,
committed people can change the world.
Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."
- Margaret Mead

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