Question: "Living in a rural town with only one high school I find it hard to take specific classes or be provided with the necessary tools and resources I want because there is no money for it. What would you do to help the smaller schools with this issue?"

I grew up as an immigrant, with my family on welfare, having both blindness, and a severe skin condition.  Can you imagine how difficult it was for me, needing so many extra devices, but not having any money to acquire them?  In life, we get what we get.  While sometimes we may want more, it’s far more productive to use what we already have most effectively.

You don’t necessarily need more money – you need more creativity.  Be resourceful.  Some of the things you think you need, most people in other countries never get.   That may not be nice to hear, but rather than promise stuff that won’t be delivered, I’d rather give you the straight goods.

One of the ways we can make a difference is to provide more on-line education and resources.  Leveraging social media could provide you with real-time access to the classes and the resources you need that reside unutilized in other parts of the world.

When we make technologies like this accessible to all, we also make them accessible in remote places/rural areas, in varying languages instantly, and with remote-employment opportunities!

Additional Information:

The Virtual High School (Ontario) has made a commitment to providing the best education possible via the Internet. Students and parents alike may be assured course content is second-to-none and administered in a secure and professional manner.

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