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Question: "In the hospitals, the waiting time is unbearably long. Numerous times when I had to go I had to wait for 2-3 hours or longer just to get a cast on. I'm not sure how the paying system really works in the hospital, but it seems that the longer they have a patient there the more they get paid. Why is it like this? Would it change and if so, how long would the wait even be? And would you get more doctors and/ or let them have a conversation between each patient?"

The wait time charge is only applicable to those that stay overnight.  It’s a complicated system because it has had so many patches and band-aides put on it over so many years.

At age thirteen, I was diagnosed for depression.  I took all sorts of anti-depressants and saw a psychiatrist three times a week for four years.  Most of that didn’t make a positive difference, but gave me negative side-effects.  It was through my own personal development and spiritual journey that I was later able to turn my life around.

I know how broken the medical system is, but rather than trying to fix a system that is broken with more patches and band-aides, we need to start acknowledging other forms of treatment that work.

The healing arts supports a diversity of modalities that are practiced successfully in countries and cultures around the world.  Some may not be appropriate for medical conditions like changing a cast.  But, if we can allow more people to get alternative forms of preventative care, then we will have less people in hospitals, and more people living the lives they choose.

Additional Information:

While it may seem like the healing arts are new for some, they are not. The Transformational Arts Collegs, for example, is celebrating its 23rd anniversary.

Press play to watch the extended trailer of Believers Beware which discusses the pharmaceutical industry.

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