Green Energy

Question:  "There is no denying that modernizing the Ontario electrical grid would save vast amounts of valuable energy. Will you take the initiative to start this important process, and help move Ontario forward?"

The process of modernizing the Ontario electrical grid has already begun.  Before claiming authority about this subject, it is important for the government to humble itself and realize that there are already groups, communities, and organizations that have plans.

For example, the standard has already been developed that provides the ability to transfer data over power lines.  Other smart grid technologies provide many obvious and not so obvious benefits, like having safer and more efficient appliances.  It also provides Internet access at reduced costs, making it nearly free and accessible to everyone.

There’s also the Zeitgeist Movement, an international grass-roots organization which is developing a sustainable resource-based economy.  It is important for our government to allow these kinds of organizations to function and provide input so that we can work together.  It’s time to collaborate with these visionary groups.

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