Employment & Entrepreneurship

Question: "What are some of the ideas you have for helping youth to find employment?"

I know the job market is terrible, and most of you are worried about your ability to get a job and simply survive.

Be open to part-time, freelance, or volunteer opportunities.  That’s what I did, as I started to develop an entrepreneurial mindset, and eventually started by own home-based business.  I knew that before there was the industrial revolution, people were all entrepreneurs.  They didn’t rely on a boss for a paycheck, nor does everyone need to.

What’s important are developing/helping you develop skills for daily living, and cultivating talents you can barter and trade.  Get involved in co-ops and communities that leverage their resources so you don’t need to use as much money to live.  All these new possibilities are available for you at your fingertips through the Internet.

Think of an idea for a business, and then find people and associations that can help turn that into a reality.  Our government can support you by offering more programs and loans for entrepreneurs, such as a microloan programs for students, which have been proven to be successful in other countries.

Additional Information:

Browse through our Youth Entrepreneurship Info-Guide.

Charity Villiage is a great resource which combines job postings, volunteer opportunities, education, and news in the non-profit sector.

FREE COACH! There are lots of volunteer coaches willing to support you in your life skills. Check out Future Possibilities.

FREE BOOK! Occupation: Change the World is a research project and program which is answering one question: How can people in their twenties make money and change the world?

FREE SCHOLARSHIP TRAINING GUIDE! Have you heard about scholarships but don't know if or how you should apply? This is a free Scholarship Training Guide written for you.

FREE TRAVEL! Take this time to develop your life skills by learning about youth exchange, educational, and employment programs all over the world. Start your search with Canada World Youth, Youth Challenge International, World Youth International, AFS Interculture Canada, Katimavik, Up With People, and Encounters with Canada.

“A man who works with his hands is a laborer;
a man who works with his hands and his brain is a craftsman;
but a man who works with his hands and his brain and his heart is an artist.”
- Louis Nizer

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