Welcome Ontario Students! (Open Letter)

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“Yo', whatever happened to the values of humanity
Whatever happened to the fairness and equality
Instead of spreading love we spreading animosity
Lack of understanding, leading us away from unity”

- Black Eyed Peas, "Where's The Love?"
RE: Student Vote 2011

Hello Students of Ontario!!  :)

Do you know someone who has been in a major car accident?  Do you have a grandparent who needs your help to take care of them?  Do you have a friend who always seems to get left-out, left-behind, pushed around, or looked down upon?

These things are a part of life, and if you haven’t experienced them yet, you may in the near future.

Here’s a simple idea: When we provide support for the most disadvantaged members of our society – by considering their unique needs and enabling them to maximize their potential – we raise the collective well-being and living standards for everyone.  This is achieved by reducing crime, increasing production and helping to raise one’s sense of independence and self-sufficiency.  This is a holistic philosophy on which to base our society: “one for all, and all for one”.  Put another way, “No one wins unless everyone wins”.

Sadly, those of us with special conditions/situations are seldom considered and supported because we live in a society fixated on image, materialism, status, prestige, and countless other superficial and inherently destructive values.  We’ve been taught to desire instant gratification, to think short-term, to be self-serving, and to always take the easy road.  This is what I’ve learned:

“You will get all you want in life
if you help enough other people get what they want.”
- Zig Ziglar

Our ambition of improving the world takes patience, vision, leadership, and action.  It requires us to think outside-the-box, not just within a party-line.  It needs us to ask new questions, instead of being satisfied with the same old answers.

Are you afraid of what others might think of you?  That fear keeps everybody the same, and doesn’t allow our humanity to grow.  In fact, that “fear” is what stops people from standing up to an oppressive government, potentially leading to a dictatorship.

The Party for People with Special Needs is about everybody.  It’s not about a special group, it’s about you!  Everybody has some sort of disadvantage, whether it is physical, emotional, mental, psychological, financial, etc.  When we have the compassion to help each other, then we have the power to transform our planet.

Those who have overcome severe adversities know what it takes to change the system, to be creative and to get things done – because it can sometimes be a matter of life and death for us.  It’s not a game of pushing papers and looking cool.  It is about “seeing things” in a totally different way!

For example, is a democracy really what we want?  If 51% of the people can vote to subvert the wills and wishes of the other 49%, would that be a world we’d want to live in?  Unfortunately, our world today is actually worse than that, where less than 10% of the population controls more than 90% of the world’s wealth/resources.

How do we change the system?  One of the biggest challenges we face is that the information we receive comes to us from the very establishments and social systems we should most readily question.  The education system, for example, was created by the military industrial complex, our media is slanted to favour select corporate interests, and even this political platform is run by Elections Ontario – which by its very nature has a vested interest in keeping the system exactly as it currently is.

What is great about our system is that there is still room to speak your unique voice.  The most important thing is not to win; the most important thing is to create awareness and inspire new possibilities of co-creation and cooperation that work for all.

"When you open up your heart to the caring revolution,
you discover you can be the soul of the solution."
- Paul Hoffman, "The World is Calling..."

We can vote once, but when we... SHARE, we cause MANY people to shift their votes, causing greater impact.  Do you want your voice to be heard?  Isn’t that what true “representation” is all about?  When we start representing the needs of the disadvantaged, our society will start reaping the rewards of the gifted – the gifts that come when everyone has a purpose and the opportunity to make their own special contributions...

We’re people with special needs.  We’re your friend, we’re your relative, and we’re your neighbor.  We’re everywhere.  And we have special gifts to share.  We see things others don’t.  And we can help in ways others can’t.

Maybe a person that does not have the label of “special needs”, can still see themselves as having special needs.  We all have special needs, that are not being heard, not being addressed.  The Party for People with Special Needs is about working together to get all of our needs heard, and to bring into light the power, spirit and love of all of us working together to get everyone's special needs met.

What are some of the ways we can change the system?  We can create beneficial and lasting impact by leveraging technologies like social media, creating a system of direct-democracy, implementing proportional representation, providing universal access, and encouraging barter/co-ops.  These are just a few simple yet powerful concepts.  Philosophically, it involves integrating measures of compassion, integrity, and citizenship into our daily living, commerce, and governance.

When we love ourselves for everything that we are,
we can love others for everything that they are.

When we help people with disabilities, we help everybody.

We are the ones you have been waiting for.  We are The Party for People with Special Needs, the party that recognizes that we are all valuable members of our communities and that everyone must be given the opportunity to live with dignity, respect, and purpose, no matter what our individual circumstances may be.  Support this vision for a brighter and more loving future... for everyone!

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Let’s love the world together...


[)anish /|hmed, blind visionary - Party Leader

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P.S. Like Barack Obama's success was largely due to the grass-roots social media movement, you too have the power to make a substantial difference, right at your fingertips! How about sharing this with your parents or other relatives? Share this with your past teachers. Forward it to your friends. At the very minimum, you will boldly demonstrate to the media the collective power of Ontario Youths. Imagine the statement you will have made, where everyone else hears that you elected a member from the Party for People with Special Needs. This is your opportunity. Take it. Use the Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail icons on the top-left of this page.

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P.P.S. I am running in Toronto, Trinity-Spadina.

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